Hitty Takes Tea at the 2012 Ladies International Tea

Hitty Olive carved by Jenny Anderson and Hitty Dee a resin Hitty by Dee Ann Cote

Hitty Olive and Hitty Dee share about the 2012 Ladies International Tea

We were so excited to put on our new dresses and have tea with our adopted human, Shirley, and her friends at the annual Ladies Tea sponsored by the Women's Ministries Department.

Shirley thought the tables were just spectacular (she says that every year) but we had to agree.  The theme of our table was "Red and Yellow Black and White"  based upon the children's Sunday School song:


Jesus Loves the Little Children 
All the Children of the World
Red and Yellow
Black and White
They are Precious in His Sight
Jesus Loves the Little Children 
of the World 

We brought along some of our friends. They once belonged to an elderly woman who had traveled the world for many years beginning in the 1960's.  The beautiful woman sewing is from the Middle East.  She was joined by a man from Lebanon, a mother and children from Austria, a Chinese woman from Hong Kong, an African tribal warrior, Dutch children from Holland and two sweet little ones on their silk pillow.

Every year, the table hostesses choose a theme and decorate their table.  This makes the tea so much fun!  Shirley wishes she was a better photographer.

Our guest speaker this year was the founder of Avenue of Hope, an organization that is reaching out to women in the Bahamas who struggle with addictions and substance abuse.  This ministry is part of Teen Challenge which was started in 1958 in Brooklyn, NY by David Wilkerson.  It is a global organization that has chapters in major cities around the world.  You can learn more at http://teenchallengeusa.com/

We made a slideshow of some of the photos.  Hope you enjoy them.

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