Lost and Found

In which I am lost, found, and gain a new sister
by Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

It has been quite a while since my last post... first Amanda's mother Shirley became very ill, then Amanda went back to her teaching job for a very busy school year, and then... well, I got lost.

The last time Amanda saw me was in November 2010 when I played a round of Texas Hold 'Em with a few of her and her husband's friends. We all had a very nice time and I did quite well. (You may recall my previous post about being very lucky.) The next day, when things were cleaned up and put away, I was quite forgotten about.

Little did Amanda know that I had fallen unnoticed into the living room couch cushions! Oh, how I wish I could have called out... but alas, I could not. I did have a twinkling of hope every time I heard Amanda's voice and knew that she was searching for me. "But, Sam, she couldn't have just walked away! Where on Earth could she be?" I heard her searching frantically behind furniture, in drawers, in purses but eventually she gave up searching and began to hope that I would just "show up" when the time was right. Do you remember when Little Thankful stuffed the original Hitty into a couch in Chapter IX? She was found eventually, and I knew I would be too.

In the meantime, Amanda began carving a new Hitty sister for me. This is Amanda's second carving. She really enjoyed the process, feels it went a little better than last time, and hopes she will continue to improve with more practice. And in the meantime, as our new Hitty was being carved, painted, and finished, I waited... and waited... and waited... some day the time would be right and I would be found. The time was right last night. Amanda, due to a bout of insomnia coupled with a snoring husband, had moved to the living room couch to try to get some sleep. She tossed the back cushions off and settled in for a restless night. At some point in the wee hours, her foot touch me! In her sleepy state, she did not know it was me, but knew that her foot was touching something that should not be there. Figuring it was a toy of her two-year-old son, she reached down and to her great surprise, found me! What a joy to be back with my family. In the morning, I was introduced to my new sister. Her name is Hitty Anne (Anne with an "e") although interestingly enough when I first met her and asked her he name, she requested that I call her "Cordelia." I thought Hitty Amelia and Hitty Cordelia might sound a little strange, but agreed. Below are some photos of Hitty Cordelia Anne being in her early stages, finished, posing at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, and then with me. I am so happy to be found!

"I do not know how long I remained in my horsehair home, but after my cramped stay there I have always held with the saying that one can adapt oneself to any situation." Hitty, from her memoirs

© 2011 Hitty Travel Doll