B.S.O.B Railroad Springville Indiana

Gale Lyons Hitty
By Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

On a recent trip to Indiana with my adopted humans, we stopped along a country lane in Springville Indiana to observe the Historical Marker for the B.S.O.B Railroad.

This marker is all that remains of  Indiana's last operating narrow gauge railroad.   The Bedford Oolitic Springville Bloomfield line was completed in 1877 and was 34 miles long. 

A covered railroad bridge was built along the route in 1894. It crossed Salt Creek just west Hwy 37 and had a length of 125 feet. The Salt Creek Railroad Covered Bridge collapsed in 1903 under the weight of a load of limestone.

Lawrence County Indiana is called the "Limestone Capitol of The World"  Limestone from the area was used to build the Empire State Building in New York City and the Washington Cathedral in Washington DC.

The B.S.O.B line was sold to Monon Line in 1886 and finally abandoned in 1935.  All that remains of this piece of Indiana history is the sign.

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Hitty meets Jabber the Parrot at Ebay On Location

Ebay On Location in Orlando Florida is the venue where Hitty the Travel doll meets Jabber the Traveling Parrot!  As you can see, they became immediate friends.

Hitty Flora learned that Jabber the Parrot is a regular attendee at eBay events and often gets his picture taken with other eBay enthusiasts.  

Jabber and Hitty have their own Facebook Pages.

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The last few months

by Hitty Alice, Adventurer Extraordinaire
Well, as you can see, while I am having adventure after adventure, it takes me awhile to get ahold of a computer to tell you about them. Also, it's not always safe to carry a camera around in Santa Cruz. Pickpockets and armed robberies are becoming commonplace and my friend, Emily, doesn't like to carry anything that will bring her attention. So, today she was taking her purse and (since she would be with friends) decided to put me and her camera inside! Since school is out for vacation, some of her teacher friends decided to invite Emily to an Argentine Empanada place. Que Delicioso! We had to ride a micro to get there. It was my first time- and I don't need to tell you that it's scarier than falling down a rabbit hole.

Here are a few pictures of the micro and empanada shop.

On the way home, Emily decided it was safe enough for me to peek out of her purse. As we hopped off the micro and walked past the school, I reminded her that you all hadn't seen the school from the outside. :)

Emily told me the school still needs teachers for next year. Do any of you know someone who wants to give students a quality education that is filled with the love of Christ? I'm sure it's a great opportunity. I'd try it, but they don't have any teacher desks that are my size.

The last two pictures I want to give you are from the end of the year. The first is my Director's shot of SCCLC's 2nd Semester play, "Twelve Angry Jurors." The students did an outstanding job! It was the first serious show the kids have done and I was very impressed!

The second pic is from the second semester Garage Sale. People from all over the community rent tables and come buy things. The Sophomore class, which Emily sponsors, sold their bake mixes. I helped. I must say, I had no idea how good of a Sales Hitty I really am!

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Lost and Found

In which I am lost, found, and gain a new sister
by Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

It has been quite a while since my last post... first Amanda's mother Shirley became very ill, then Amanda went back to her teaching job for a very busy school year, and then... well, I got lost.

The last time Amanda saw me was in November 2010 when I played a round of Texas Hold 'Em with a few of her and her husband's friends. We all had a very nice time and I did quite well. (You may recall my previous post about being very lucky.) The next day, when things were cleaned up and put away, I was quite forgotten about.

Little did Amanda know that I had fallen unnoticed into the living room couch cushions! Oh, how I wish I could have called out... but alas, I could not. I did have a twinkling of hope every time I heard Amanda's voice and knew that she was searching for me. "But, Sam, she couldn't have just walked away! Where on Earth could she be?" I heard her searching frantically behind furniture, in drawers, in purses but eventually she gave up searching and began to hope that I would just "show up" when the time was right. Do you remember when Little Thankful stuffed the original Hitty into a couch in Chapter IX? She was found eventually, and I knew I would be too.

In the meantime, Amanda began carving a new Hitty sister for me. This is Amanda's second carving. She really enjoyed the process, feels it went a little better than last time, and hopes she will continue to improve with more practice. And in the meantime, as our new Hitty was being carved, painted, and finished, I waited... and waited... and waited... some day the time would be right and I would be found. The time was right last night. Amanda, due to a bout of insomnia coupled with a snoring husband, had moved to the living room couch to try to get some sleep. She tossed the back cushions off and settled in for a restless night. At some point in the wee hours, her foot touch me! In her sleepy state, she did not know it was me, but knew that her foot was touching something that should not be there. Figuring it was a toy of her two-year-old son, she reached down and to her great surprise, found me! What a joy to be back with my family. In the morning, I was introduced to my new sister. Her name is Hitty Anne (Anne with an "e") although interestingly enough when I first met her and asked her he name, she requested that I call her "Cordelia." I thought Hitty Amelia and Hitty Cordelia might sound a little strange, but agreed. Below are some photos of Hitty Cordelia Anne being in her early stages, finished, posing at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, and then with me. I am so happy to be found!

"I do not know how long I remained in my horsehair home, but after my cramped stay there I have always held with the saying that one can adapt oneself to any situation." Hitty, from her memoirs

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Fun at IDEX 2011

By Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

IDEX  is the acronym for the International Doll Expo.  This year, my adopted human, Shirley,  was able to attend for one day and I got to ride along.

The annual trade show and exhibition has been held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando Florida for the past few years.

IDEX is a premier event that brings together doll retailers, doll designers, doll artists, doll manufacturers and doll collectors from around the world.

The three-day event includes charity events, dinners and luncheons with souvenir dolls and accessories.  Demonstrations, seminars, and training classes are given by top doll artists.  The trade floor is open to the public for a few hours on Saturday.

A special highlight of the show is the announcement of the DOTY  (Doll of the Year) winners.

Shirley thinks that she should attend the entire event next year.  I think so too! Here she is with the award-winning doll artist, Helen Kish.

For more about IDEX 2011, visit Shirley's new website, http://www.dollcollectorguide.com/

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Sea Lions...Walruses...and Polar Bears...O My!

Gale Lyons Hitty
By Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

Don't you love new beginnings?

The last few months of 2010 were not easy ones for my adopted human, Shirley.  She had five surgeries and spent a total of seventeen days in the hospital.  Basically, she was unable to work and had to be waited on hand and foot for several weeks.  Her husband, David, did a fantastic job taking care of her.

Shirley would like to thank her family and friends (including online friends) for their cards, prayers and well wishes.

To celebrate the clean bill of health she was given by the doctor, we traveled to Sea World in Orlando on New Year's Day.  What a glorious day to enjoy the warm weather, the beautiful scenery, the awesome shows  and to talk to the animals.  Of course, we took pictures!

Hitty at Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando

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