Abbie Alvin Dolls

Abbie Alvin Dolls

Few Hitty Dolls are more whimsical than the dolls carved by Abbie Alvin.  As the dolls come to life, they tell Abbie their story.

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In which I go to school and learn about chemistry

by Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

After my most recent adventure in algebra, I walked around the corner to visit Mrs. B.'s chemistry class. Mrs. B is a friend of my adopted human, Amanda, and promised to take very good care of me. We spent the first few minutes reviewing safety procedure and inspecting the eye wash. When working with chemicals, better safe than sorry!

  Afterwards, I spent some time studying the periodic table of elements. Did you know that many of the elements are named for the places they were discovered? Being a traveler, I was very interested to learn about Polonium (Marie Curie named this after her native country of Poland) and Californium (named after the state where it was discovered).

I also learned that a new element was recently discovered thanks to the CERN particle accelerator. Mrs. B. said that they keep smashing atoms together and checking to see what elements hang around long enough to be considered for "existence." It all seems very complicated. Maybe one day I will get to travel to CERN and see for myself. Since it runs underground in both France and Switzerland, it would count as a trip to 2 countries!

In accordance with safety procedure, I looked for a pair of safety goggles in my size, but alas, had to make do with a normal pair. A couple of beakers later, I was ready to mix some chemicals. Here I am, preparing for my first scientific experiment.


Not every chemical reaction is this colorful, but I was very interested to see what would happen!

As a final step in my chemistry lesson, I learned the proper procedure for using a Bunsen burner. My wood planks trembled a bit as I stared at the fire, so I kept a good distance away. And if something SHOULD happen... well, I could jump under the eye wash to douse the flames.

Next time I visit chemistry, Mrs. B says we can set her desk on fire or make something explode. This all sounds very exciting... who knew chemistry was so thrilling?!?

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert Einstein 

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In which I go to school and learn about advanced algebra

By Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

Early one morning I found myself being deposited in Amanda's bag which was then placed carefully in the passenger seat of her car. Due to the hour, the smell of coffee, and Amanda's professional dress, I deduced that we were on the way to work.

My adopted human Amanda teaches high school mathematics. Specifically, she teaches Algebra 2, Discrete Math (sometimes called finite math), and S.A.T. Prep Math. Most people would cringe, I think, at the idea of spending your entire work day instructing hormonal & apathetic teenagers on the finer points of math, but Amanda loves it. I guess it takes all kinds... variety is the spice of life... to each his own... or insert your own appropriate cliche here: [ . . .]

After checking email, making a few photocopies, and drinking a second cup of coffee, Amanda said she was ready. Today her Algebra 2 class was learning about rational functions. I admit that I was a little nervous, but always excited to learn something new, I sat up straight at my desk and listened. A rational function, I learned, is basically a fraction that has an algebraic expression in the numerator and denominator. For example: y = 2x/(x+3)

Amanda distributed graphing calculators to the class. She let me use one that was bright blue! I was so excited. We learned how to type in the equation and then when we hit the "graph" button we got to see what the equation looked like. I was pleased because each graph was a very interesting curve. I learned how to use the "table" button to find points and then plot those points on my graph paper.

Here I am with my nearly completed assignment. Didn't I do a nice job?

After class, I snuck up to the dry erase board and wrote a little message for Amanda to find. Hee hee! What a great visit to math class. Amanda said that I since I enjoyed being at school so much, that I will get to visit some of her teacher friends and learn more things! Oh boy! I wonder whose class I will visit tomorrow!?! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun! I love learning new things!

 "It's like asking why Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is beautiful. If you don't see why, someone can't tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren't beautiful, nothing is." Paul Erdos (Hungarian mathematician)

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Christopher Columbus! Aboard the Nina and the Pinta

Gale Lyons Hittyby Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

All aboard!

The Nina and the Pinta were open for tours recently at the Fort Myers Yacht Basin.  How lucky for me they decided lay anchor along the Caloosahatchee River.

The Pinta was built between 2002-2006 in Valenca, Bahia, Brasil.  She is actually 50 % bigger than the original ship that carried the crew of Christopher Columbus across the ocean to the new world.  She can accommodate 100 passengers.  The Nina is an exact replica.

It is hard to imagine crossing an ocean in such a small ship.  Those men were true adventurers!

The Pinta and the Nina docked at Fort Myers, Florida

Looking up.

I sure like things made of wood

Looking Down

This plaque was sitting on a shelf and there was a spot below that was open to the sea.  I decided to sit down for my picture.  I didn't want to lose my balance and fall into the water like the original Hitty.  

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In Which I "Check Out" the local library

By Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty
I was not the only one excited to find out that an impromptu walk to the local library was in order. The weather was beautiful and Robbie, the son of my adopted humans, was very excited to get into his stroller for the lengthy hike. I insisted to Amanda that I, too, would like to ride in the front of the stroller to have the best view of the bright blue sky and feel the breeze on my face. Amanda pointed out that while Robbie was generally very sweet, that he was not quite two, and that the last time they gave Robbie a doll—he used it as a hammer.
I decided that being tucked carefully into my box under the stroller would be the best way to travel.

Upon arrival at the library, I decided to inspect the card catalog to see if my book was available for checkout. Sure enough, it was! The library even had a special section for Newbery Award winning books like mine. I was so pleased to know that I was special enough to not be mixed in with just the ordinary fiction.

Before we left, Amanda returned the borrowed book she had finished (not a Newbery Award winner… ahem ahem…). The library is having a class on eco-friendly automobiles and had a smart car on display. As I am a great supporter of "going green" I asked my humans to take my picture and we were on our way. I love the library and so does Amanda. What a wonderful place! I wonder… what have other Hittys found at their local libraries?

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." Walt Disney

Pirates And a Cave On The Beach

One thing I really like about living in Florida is the beach.  Our home is in Southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico has some beautiful beaches.

Last week, we drove to the Atlantic side of the state to go to a doll show in Palm Beach.  Check out these beautiful Cissy dolls we saw there.

After the doll show, we drove to the beach.  It was beautiful that day!  The sky and the water showed off  the blues of nature.

The Atlantic side beach is much different than the Gulf Side.  The sand is coarser and brown and there are rocks to climb over.  Not so many shells either.  But the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore made me dream of  ships and exotic places.  As we walked along, I spotted a cave!

I had my good dress on so I didn't venture too far. (I really need some beachcomber clothes!)

I wondered if some Hitty-size pirates had hidden buried treasure in there long ago.  I need to ask the pirate from Wildhare Studios.  He or his brother Chester must have some interesting stories about their life on the sea.

Chester is married now and I heard that the old pirate will be pulling up stakes and moving on soon.  Sea Captains and Pirates...just makes you dream of adventure doesn't it?

Read about Chester and Olive's wedding  A Bonsai Hitty Wedding!

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In which I choose a name

Choosing a name is a very serious business. I mean, I already have my name, “Hitty,” but all the other Hitty dolls have something more – a name that separates Hitty Flora from Hitty Honeybee from Hitty Olive. What would my name be? As I poured over the internet searching for names, I began to get discouraged.

My new adoptive mother, Amanda, began to tell me about a doll she had when she was a very little girl. She was called a “Real Baby” and was supposed to be very lifelike. Each real baby came with a book with a list of baby names, so you could find just the right one for your little girl.

Amanda’s mother Shirley (adoptive mother of the Sunny State Hittys) sat down with her and begin to read names. Alice? No. Anna? No. Bethany? No. Shirley read on and on only to be met by rejection at every letter. Sally? No. Taylor? No. Tiffany? Tonya? Uma? Valerie? Vanessa? Victoria? Amanda excitedly sat up and cried, “That’s it, Mommy!” and the real baby had the perfect name. From that day on, Amanda’s real baby was known as “Valerie Vanessa.” Amanda had a birthday party for Valerie Vanessa with a cake and everything. Amanda’s friends and family came and brought gifts to Valerie Vanessa.

Some people might think that that’s a lot of fuss to go through for a doll… but I’m sure YOU understand completely. And picking a name is important, too. I’ve thought about it quite a bit.

Amelia Earhart is Amanda’s favorite real-life heroine. She was a traveler and adventurer, like me. So I’m going to borrow her name…
Hi, I’m Hitty Amelia! Nice to meet you!

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Hitty Travels To Indiana

Last week one of the Sunny State Hitty Dolls, a Robert Raikes Hitty, moved to Indiana to live with Amanda, the daughter of her adopted humans.

Here she is soon after she arrived, looking longingly out of the window, wondering about her new adventures in the Hoosier state.

Today she traveled to the home of relatives for her very first Easter Egg Hunt!  Stay tuned for more adventures to come.

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