Hitty Dolls by Wanda Harrigan

Wanda is the creator of the Seven Brothers Series of Hitty friends.  Read:

This Hitty is 6 1/4" tall and is made from Indonesian hardwood, possibly Teak. She has an exotic beauty to her. Her eyes are brown and her hair is black. Her cheeks and lips are stained coral. She is coated with a clear sealer to show the beauty of her wood. She can wear the Raikes Hitty dresses and is looking for a home and someone to love her. She is a bit shy but is very intense in her love. The girls here call her Carmelitta because of her beautiful carmel colored skin tone.

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Happy Hitty Day!

You Know its going to be a great doll show when almost the first table has miniatures, Hitty dolls and Bitty Hitty Dolls!

That is what happened at the doll show in Saint Petersburg, Florida this past Saturday.  I purchased a 1930 edition of Hitty Her First Hundred Years with color plates and a Bitty Hitty.  However, I couldn't decide which Hitty doll to take home with me--I wanted them all.  Just to give you an idea here's a photo.

I walked away, to browse some more before making a final decision.  When I came back to the table, it was harder!  Melanie had even more Hitty Dolls laid out!  How can you choose between a Melanie Smith Hitty, Jenny Anderson Hitty, Ingeborg Tinius, cloth Hitty dolls, peg woodens, Bitty Hitty Dolls and dolls by Helen Bullard?

Guess which one came home with me.

I chose the Jenny Anderson Hitty because she was made of Olive wood.  She will be named Hitty Olive.  The Bitty Hitty is so cute!  She is unsigned so if anyone recognizes who made her...please let me know.

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A Bonsai Hitty Wedding!

Olive Pitt and Chester wish to announce their wedding!

Chester came to us via Wanda's Wild Hare Studio.  He had been a sailor for many years, but decided that it was time to retire to solid land.

When he visited his brothers, Olive (formerly known as Mrs. Olive Pitt) saw photos of him and fell head-over-heels!  It wasn't long before he arrived bearing gifts at the Bonsai Hitty home.  The two of them felt an immediate bond.  When Chester proposed, Olive told him that she would marry him, yes indeed!, but she wouldn't take his name.  That was okay with Chester because he had lost his last name somewhere in the ocean.

Olive and Chester are deciding what type of domicile they want to live in.  Whatever it is, they want to be close to the Bonsai Hittys, but perhaps in their own building, because Olive will still be in charge of the Bonsai Hitty youngsters.

Michael the Artist, one of Chester's brothers, was unable to attend the celebration because he is in the middle of a commissioned project that he must finish before his deadline.

By Ann S of the Bonsai Hittys

Photos and story used by permission

Wild Hare Art Studio Dolls can sometimes be found on etsy

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Hitty For Haiti Relief

The Hittygirls are a group of online friends with hearts of compassion.  A few weeks ago, discussion on the group centered around the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the question, "What can we do to help?"

Erin Kleider, talented artist and long-time Hittygirls member, offered to carve a Hitty doll and the project began.  Originally, it was determined that the doll and whatever clothing and accessories she acquired, would be offered as a charity auction on eBay.  As the donations arrived in the mail, it became apparent to Erin that there were too many items for one auction.  She has worked diligently to photograph and group the items into seven auctions.

As you know, the medical need in Haiti is great.  All proceeds of the Hitty For Haiti auctions will benefit Partners in Health.  PIH has a longstanding commitment to the island nation of Haiti.  In 1985, they opened a small community clinic in the village of Cange.

All photos below are courtesy of Erin Kleider and are used with permission.  Please visit Erins blog, http://fairiemoon.typepad.com/ for more information and photos of the Hitty For Haiti auctions.

Hitty For Haiti Auction (7)

Hitty Haiti, hand carved by Erin Kleider, will come with her a 1930 edition of Hitty Her First Hundred Years. The book is signed by the author, Rachel Fields.  Hitty Haiti was carved from a blank by John Atkinson and stands 6 1/2" tall.  She also comes with an astounding collection of clothing and accessories donated by the talented Hittygirls.

Hitty For Haiti Auction (6)

 Bitty Hitty is hand carved by the multi-talented TC Vollum.  Her dolls are highly sought after and are the stars of their very own weekly web comic strip, Ellen and Pink.  TC's dolls are not often seen for sale so this is a very unique opportunity for Hitty doll collectors.  Bitty Hitty comes with an unfinished house and the other items you see.  The cedar chest is filled with treasures donated by the Hittygirls.  

You will need to buy a carving knife but almost everything you need to carve your own Hitty Doll is included.  The wood blank is provided by John Atkinson.  Also included in this collection is a finished dress and shawl and the fabric and yarn to make her many more dresses--all donated by the Hittygirls.

Hitty For Haiti Auction (4)

This pre-printed cloth Hitty was made by Sara Cole in 2007.  She comes with her own collection donated by the HittyGirls.  You will receive a Sara Cole Pre-printed Cloth Hitty kit with clothing patterns, sewing patterns, knitting patterns, 10 different fabric remnants, 2 kinds of white cotton dress trim, snaps, antique buttons, pre-made quilt squares, 6 balls of wool fingering weight yarn, knitting needles, a genuine coral necklace kit, the Valentine Dress ensemble, a stuffed bunny and golly, a chocolate cake and a pink re-ment tea set.  Another awesome Hitty collection!

Hitty For Haiti Auction (3)

Everything you see here is included except Hitty Dauphine by Erin Kleider and the Judy Brown Hitty.  Who could resist this collection?

Hitty For Haiti Auction (2)

This collection was donated by Hittygirls Phyllis and Jane.  Hitty Dauphine is not included in the auction but she really loves the dress, shawl, basket and scooter.  

Hitty For Haiti Auction (1)

Judy Brown Hitty and the table are not included in the auction. The winner of this collection will receive the blue and white dress, which ties in the back with a white bow, the striped blue and white pinny, the delicate blue china tea set, the yellow striped table cloth, the cheerful little cherry pit doll and the cuddly teddy bear.

The HittyGirls Yahoo Group wants to encourage you to bid on each of these auctions:

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A Tale of Two Hittys---Robert Raikes Hittys

In 2002, Robert Raikes offered an open-edition Hitty Doll that was manufactured in China. She is 6 1/2" tall and came dressed or undressed.

The dolls started as roughly cut blanks that were then hand finished.  They are strung with elastic. These early open edition dolls were were not signed.

This is one of the first Hitty Dolls offered by Robert Raikes.  She came in this tagged dress.  Her outfit includes an embroidered bonnet and eyelet trimmed pantaloons and half slip.  A Certificate of Authenticity was enclosed.  This doll was purchased at a doll shop for $60.99 in 2002.

The doll on the left is also a Robert Raikes Hitty but she was purchased online from the website of The American Kit Company.  The website is no longer online.  The main difference when comparing the two dolls is that the older doll does not have painted socks.

The American Kit doll came in a newly styled box and included a cloth Hitty carrier, a dress pattern and a piece of cotton print fabric.  You could buy the dolls painted or unpainted.

2005 American Kit Company Robert Raikes Brochure

A 2005 American Kit Brochure

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Hitty Flora Meets The Honey Bee Hitty Dolls

Gale Lyons Hittyby Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Honey Bee Hitty Doll Sisters at the Port Charlotte Doll Show today.

Lynda Marks,  the owner of Lynda's Doll House in Arcadia Florida,  is a good friend of Nancy Hauk who is the carver of the Honey Bee Hitty Dolls.

Nancy also makes the adorable bears you can see in the display.  Her smocked dresses are made using vintage fabrics and hankerchiefs.

What an exciting day for Hitty Flora!

Hitty Flora Standing with the Honey Bee Sisters

Honey Bee Hitty who came to live with the Sunny State Hitty Dolls.  The doll and her Dimity dress were made by Nancy Hauk.  http://bear-n-bee.com/ is her website

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