The Indianapolis Children's Museum

By Hitty Flora of Sunny State Hitty Dolls 

The first day of our Indiana vacation proved to be very enlightening.  I overheard the humans planning the day.  The Children's Museum was mentioned.  It seemed that Amanda and Sam, the adopted humans of Hitty Amelia, were members and could go as often as they wanted.

"What was a museum and who would want to be a member?" I wondered silently.  Was it similar to an antique shop?  I knew about antique shops.

Not quite knowing what to expect, I was placed inside Shirley's purse along with her camera and her phone.  (We often travel together)

The Children's Museum is a big place.  We had to park in the garage and then we walked in that glass walk-way above the street.

The female humans were anxious to see the Barbie exhibit, a huge collection of Barbie Dolls on loan from Mattel.  The guys decided to go upstairs and look at the trains.

I have always considered myself somewhat of a "clothes horse" but, really, I cannot even compare with Barbie.  You have to wonder if she knew in her teen years that she would become so popular around the world.  It almost boggles the mind.

At a table in the room,  little girls and big girls could play with boxes of clothes and dress forms. Some of the clothes were pretty cute!  As you can see, however, Barbie and I are not even close to the same size.

After the Barbie exhibit, we met up with the guys to explore more of the museum.  There were some pretty scary things!  I almost asked to be put back into Shirley's purse.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day.  We stopped for pizza and then headed home for a nap!

Here are some photos of the Barbie Doll Exhibit

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