Pirates And a Cave On The Beach

One thing I really like about living in Florida is the beach.  Our home is in Southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico has some beautiful beaches.

Last week, we drove to the Atlantic side of the state to go to a doll show in Palm Beach.  Check out these beautiful Cissy dolls we saw there.

After the doll show, we drove to the beach.  It was beautiful that day!  The sky and the water showed off  the blues of nature.

The Atlantic side beach is much different than the Gulf Side.  The sand is coarser and brown and there are rocks to climb over.  Not so many shells either.  But the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore made me dream of  ships and exotic places.  As we walked along, I spotted a cave!

I had my good dress on so I didn't venture too far. (I really need some beachcomber clothes!)

I wondered if some Hitty-size pirates had hidden buried treasure in there long ago.  I need to ask the pirate from Wildhare Studios.  He or his brother Chester must have some interesting stories about their life on the sea.

Chester is married now and I heard that the old pirate will be pulling up stakes and moving on soon.  Sea Captains and Pirates...just makes you dream of adventure doesn't it?

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