In Which I "Check Out" the local library

By Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty
I was not the only one excited to find out that an impromptu walk to the local library was in order. The weather was beautiful and Robbie, the son of my adopted humans, was very excited to get into his stroller for the lengthy hike. I insisted to Amanda that I, too, would like to ride in the front of the stroller to have the best view of the bright blue sky and feel the breeze on my face. Amanda pointed out that while Robbie was generally very sweet, that he was not quite two, and that the last time they gave Robbie a doll—he used it as a hammer.
I decided that being tucked carefully into my box under the stroller would be the best way to travel.

Upon arrival at the library, I decided to inspect the card catalog to see if my book was available for checkout. Sure enough, it was! The library even had a special section for Newbery Award winning books like mine. I was so pleased to know that I was special enough to not be mixed in with just the ordinary fiction.

Before we left, Amanda returned the borrowed book she had finished (not a Newbery Award winner… ahem ahem…). The library is having a class on eco-friendly automobiles and had a smart car on display. As I am a great supporter of "going green" I asked my humans to take my picture and we were on our way. I love the library and so does Amanda. What a wonderful place! I wonder… what have other Hittys found at their local libraries?

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." Walt Disney

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Dear Hitty Amelia

Some of my favorite memories are of walking to the library with my sisters and coming home to lay on the porch swing to read on a lazy summer day.

Some of our favorite books at the time were the Limberlost series by Gene Stratton Porter (a Hoosier author) and Nancy Drew mysteries. We also loved the Boxcar Children mystery series by Gertrude Chandler.

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