Christopher Columbus! Aboard the Nina and the Pinta

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All aboard!

The Nina and the Pinta were open for tours recently at the Fort Myers Yacht Basin.  How lucky for me they decided lay anchor along the Caloosahatchee River.

The Pinta was built between 2002-2006 in Valenca, Bahia, Brasil.  She is actually 50 % bigger than the original ship that carried the crew of Christopher Columbus across the ocean to the new world.  She can accommodate 100 passengers.  The Nina is an exact replica.

It is hard to imagine crossing an ocean in such a small ship.  Those men were true adventurers!

The Pinta and the Nina docked at Fort Myers, Florida

Looking up.

I sure like things made of wood

Looking Down

This plaque was sitting on a shelf and there was a spot below that was open to the sea.  I decided to sit down for my picture.  I didn't want to lose my balance and fall into the water like the original Hitty.  

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Mandy Leahy said...

We got the postcard today! It was really neat! Thanks! Sam and I agree that those ships look so small to have traveled across the ocean. Crazy fascinating. Love you, mama!

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