In Which I Go to Sunday School

Gale Lyons Hitty
I could smell breakfast cooking and I could hear sacred music playing in the background.  Even though it was early, my adopted humans were getting ready for church.  I was excited because I was going too!

Some of Shirley's friends had been reading about me on the Hitty Travel Doll blog and they wanted to meet me in person.  I borrowed Hitty Honey Bee's best dress, and I was ready to go when I slipped inside a pocket of Shirley's purse.

Sunday School Class started at 8:30 a.m., early I thought.  Perhaps that is why there was coffee sitting on a table in the back.  

Sister Phyllis taught our class.  She made everyone, including me, feel very welcome.  When she taught the lesson, she mixed up the serious stuff with humor.  I liked that.

Here I am reading along.

Hitty Flora Goes to Sunday School

by Hitty Flora of the Sunny State Hittys

© 2010 Hitty Travel Doll


Julie said...

what a darling Sunday-go-to-meeting dress!

Julie said...

oh, was a darling Sunday-go-to-meeting dress! Glad she is learning along with you.

JOC said...

The dress was made by Nancy Hauk and borrowed from her Honey Bee Sister

Honey Bee Hitty dolls

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