Plant City Strawberry Festival

Just a few highlights of my trip to Lakeland and Plant City Florida for the Strawberry Festival.  If you don't mind crawling traffic and waiting in a line that crawls around the building...this is what you get!!

A pallet of strawberries we walked by while waiting in line

A pallet of Stawberries

Don't even think about it!

We Prosecute Shoplifters

Beautiful Orchids for Sale


Gourd Crafts for Sale.

Gourd Crafts for Sale

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Little Miss Prim and Proper---Indeed!

This One of a Kind (OOAK) Bitty Hitty is only 4 1/2" tall

 But she has a mind of her own!

 "Miss Prim and Proper, her clothes, pictures, and story created by Abbie Alvin"

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

Doesn't she look proper and well behaved? How looks can deceive!  

We went down to the beach last Sunday, and stopped along the way for some pictures on the old stone wall.

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

"Take a picture of how nicely I can sit, please," she said.

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

Ah!  Here we are at the beach.  Look at that blue sky!

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty at the beach

You Just can't turn your back for one minute!

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty at the beach

"Where's your clothes? Come back here!" I shouted.  "You'll float away and turn into driftwood!"'

"At least I won't sink," she said, as she took off towards the waves.

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

I chased her.  I headed her into the rocks where curiosity got the best of her.  She stopped to inspect a big shell.

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

And that's when I grabbed her.

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

Little Miss Prim and Proper---Indeed!

Abbie Alvin Prim and Proper Bitty Hitty

© 2010 Abbie Alvin

In Which I Go to Sunday School

Gale Lyons Hitty
I could smell breakfast cooking and I could hear sacred music playing in the background.  Even though it was early, my adopted humans were getting ready for church.  I was excited because I was going too!

Some of Shirley's friends had been reading about me on the Hitty Travel Doll blog and they wanted to meet me in person.  I borrowed Hitty Honey Bee's best dress, and I was ready to go when I slipped inside a pocket of Shirley's purse.

Sunday School Class started at 8:30 a.m., early I thought.  Perhaps that is why there was coffee sitting on a table in the back.  

Sister Phyllis taught our class.  She made everyone, including me, feel very welcome.  When she taught the lesson, she mixed up the serious stuff with humor.  I liked that.

Here I am reading along.

Hitty Flora Goes to Sunday School

by Hitty Flora of the Sunny State Hittys

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Dolls by Gale Lyons

By Gale Lyons
Gale's Dolls

I started making dolls in earnest in 2003 with the arrival of a little niece who was being adopted from Guatemala.  Her mom-to-be mentioned that there was not much to choose from in the way of international play dolls, and so it all began.  After creating many cloth dolls, I moved to paper clay, then on to polymer clay, and eventually to wood.  Here is one of my cloth dolls from 2003-2005.

In 2006, I found Hitty!  I saw a photo of a polymer clay Hitty by Patricia Ryan Brooks and fell in love with that tiny doll.  She had been sold, so I decided to try to carve a Hitty doll.  I found an unfinished table leg and started removing wood.  Approximately three month later, I had Honor Grace.  Here is a photo of Honor Grace today.

Between 2006 and the end of 2009, I carved about 60 wooden Hitty dolls. Dozens of them now live throughout the United States, many of them having arrived at their new destinations via the adoption process.  I find this very fitting, as my doll creation hobby began with an adoption of a wonderful little girl.  Below is a photo of one of my 2010 basswood Hittys.

In 2008, I was asked to create a master prototype Hitty for a 2009 Hitty Retreat. (NCHR…North Country Hitty Retreat).  That doll was duplicated in resin and there are now 40 copies of her residing in new homes.  Here is one of the resin Hittys that stayed with me.

In November of 2009, I was asked to create an online Hitty carving class. That class took place in January of 2010 with about 35 participants. If there is enough interest, it will be repeated at some time in the future. We had a good time carving together and many beginning and intermediate level carvers completed adorable Hittys.

I am winding down now regarding the fascination with carving Hittys. I have moved on to some other activities, but will continue to carve Hittys from time to time. The burning compulsion to create Hitty dolls has dissipated, but the lingering desire to carve them remains. Here is a cloth Hitty that I made recently.

As long as there is an interest in my work, I will do my best to create special Hittys for special people.  Hitty collectors and carvers are kind, thoughtful and creative people!  I am eternally grateful for the support I have received from like-minded folks in the doll world.

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