Happy Hitty Day!

You Know its going to be a great doll show when almost the first table has miniatures, Hitty dolls and Bitty Hitty Dolls!

That is what happened at the doll show in Saint Petersburg, Florida this past Saturday.  I purchased a 1930 edition of Hitty Her First Hundred Years with color plates and a Bitty Hitty.  However, I couldn't decide which Hitty doll to take home with me--I wanted them all.  Just to give you an idea here's a photo.

I walked away, to browse some more before making a final decision.  When I came back to the table, it was harder!  Melanie had even more Hitty Dolls laid out!  How can you choose between a Melanie Smith Hitty, Jenny Anderson Hitty, Ingeborg Tinius, cloth Hitty dolls, peg woodens, Bitty Hitty Dolls and dolls by Helen Bullard?

Guess which one came home with me.

I chose the Jenny Anderson Hitty because she was made of Olive wood.  She will be named Hitty Olive.  The Bitty Hitty is so cute!  She is unsigned so if anyone recognizes who made her...please let me know.

© 2010 Hitty Travel Doll


SewManyDolls said...

I follow your blog and I was wondering if you have the info on how to contact this seller? I live in Illinois so the doll show was way out of my territory.

idressdolls.com said...

Hello..thanks for writing. This seller sometimes lists her dolls on eBay.


Anonymous said...

The bitty looks like a Lula Wolf doll. I have a similar one! Holly

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