Where the Boys Are

Joey, who is new to the Sunny State Hitty House (and the first boy), welcomed Michael The Artist yesterday. Michael set to work immediately in his new studio and Joey is wondering if Michael will give him lessons. Joey thinks he might want to be an artist when he grows up.

Joey is a Basswood Hitty friend by Robert Raikes.  He is a 2006 limited edition of 100 pieces and is signed by Robert on the back.  Joey was adopted at the 2010 Naples Doll Show Naples, Florida.

Dolls by Robert Raikes can be found on the secondary market.  Here is a link to dolls by Robert Raikes.  Click Here

Michael The Artist is number four of the Seven Brothers Series by Wanda Harrigan of Wildhare Art Studio.  His brother, Aaron The Elvis Impersonator, recently sold on eBay.

WildHare Art Studio Dolls can sometimes be found on ebay  Click Here
Wanda also has an etsy shop

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