Jointed Hitty Dolls--Oh My!

Hitty doll carvers are some of the most talented doll artists you will find anywhere.  They are imaginative and innovative as evidenced by two jointed Hitty doll friends up for bid on ebay.
Connie Hardt Jointed Hitty Friend
Auction Photos by Connie Hardt

This 7" tall Hitty friend is hand-carved by Connie Hardt. She is jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. 

To view the auction Click Here.  The seller id is stonedragon44

Josh Buffington Jointed Hitty Doll Friend

Auction Photos by Josh Buffington

Josh Buffington is the creator of Andy, a basswood Hitty doll friend who stands 6 1/2" tall. Andy has jointed shoulders, elbows, knees and hands. His left hand moves left and right and his right hand moves up and down allowing him to hold objects

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