Hitty Doll Body Style Comparison

The Sunny State Hitty dolls and Hitty Doll Friends have agreed to pose au natural so that you can compare the body styles of Hitty Dolls by different doll artists.  As you can see, Hitty dolls favor each other but they are not all alike.  That's what makes Hitty such a special doll!

Photos of the Sunny State Hitty Dolls

These Sunny State Hitty and Hitty Friend Dolls are considered Classic (6 1/4") or Hitty (6-7").

Hitty Doll Body Comparison

Top Row L to R:
  • Boneka Sophie DeBois
  • Robert Raikes Meg
  • Robert Raikes Hitty
  • Gale Lyons Hitty
  • Hitty Margo Irene by Paulette Morrissey
  • Anne Luree

Bottom Row L to R:
  • Judy Brown Souvenir Hitty
  • Judy Brown Hitty
  • DRC HittyKin
  • DRC Hitty
  • Michael Langton Hitty
  • Gail Wilson Kit doll
  • Sue Sizemore Cloth Doll

    Boneka Sophie DeBois, Robert Raikes Meg, Robert Raikes Hitty

  • Sophie DeBois is all wood and was mass produced and marketed by Boneka
  • Robert Raikes Meg is all wood and was originally a blond.
  • Robert Raikes Hitty is all wood.

Gale Lyons Hitty, Paulette Morrissey Resin Hitty, Porcelain Anne Luree Hitty

  • Gale Lyons Hitty Carved of Wood
  • Hitty Margo Irene sculpted of  polymer clay by Paulette Morrissey
  • All Porcelain Hitty by Anne Luree
Souvenir Judy Brown Hitty, Hitty by Judy Brown, DRC Hitty-Kin

  • Judy Brown Souvenir Hitty.  Made of wood and produced in China
  • Wood Hitty made by Judy Brown
  • Resin Hitty-Kin by De Ann R Cote
Resin Hitty-Kin by DeAnn R Cote, Resin Hitty by Michael Langton

  • Resin Hitty-Kin by De Ann R Cote.  Real Hitty Type
  • Resin Hitty by Michael Langton.  Modeled after the real Hitty.

Gail Wilson Cloth Hitty, Sue Sizemore Cloth Hitty doll

  • Cloth Hitty made from a Gail Wilson kit
  • Cloth Hitty by Sue Sizemore Designs

If you have photos of your Hitty dolls you would like to share just email me.

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