German Souvenir Dolls

Hitty Friends

This is a cute pair of dolls recently sold on ebay.  They are carved of wood and said to be German.  The dolls are about 4" tall.  The clothes are glued or nailed on and without undressing them, I can't show you how they are jointed.

I did fold back a sleeve and discovered that there were tiny slits in the torso and limb pieces.  A piece of cardboard was inserted into the slits and glued in place.

Judging from the inexpensive jointing method and the fact that the clothes aren't removable, I would say they are souvenir dolls made for the tourist trade.  No matter....they are really adorable dolls.

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Tam said...

These dolls were made by Lotte Sievers Hahn. The company started in 1929, when the dolls were hand carved by Lotte herself. She later trained others in her methods. the company is still in business, in Brockel, Germany. They are well known for their wooden nativity sets.

Anonymous said...

Tam is correct. I found one of her dolls in an antique store over forty years ago. She was lovely with blonde coiled braids over each ear. In a letter to her daughter she stated that my doll was an older doll done by her mother. Sadly the doll mysteriously vanished after this. I still miss her and wonder what happened to her. She was so well done.

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