Aaron Elvis Impersonator

Aaron is an Elvis Impersonator Hitty doll friend created by Wanda Harrigan of Wild Hare Studio Designs
This little guy stands 6 3/8 inches tall. He is number five in the Seven Brothers Series of Hitty friends. His real name is Aaron. He was stationed at Fort Chaffee, just like the real Elvis. He was invited to a Hitty costume party and went as Elvis. He even sang and everyone wanted him to sing at their parties. He eventually ended up doing his Elvis Impression in Vegas.

Elvis ...er Aaron is hand carved and is painted with acrylics and sealed with Delft semi gloss. He has some wood burning in his hair for texture and on his shoes to simulate stitching.

Aaron the Elvis Impersonator, has pegged legs and elastic strung arms so he can move them independantly. His outfit is white cotton with red silk insert in pants. It is designed and sewn by me. I hand set the red, clear and blue crystals on the suit. His scarf is red silk . His clothes are fully removable to reveal his blue boxers with little Teddy Bears painted on them. His shoes are painted to resemble Blue Suede.

He stands all by himself without a doll stand. He can sit or wave his hands. His head can turn from side to side as shown in pictures. He also comes with a special edition Reeses banana and peanut butter Cup.

This doll sold at auction recently for $139.

Wanda of Wild Hare Studio Designs also has an etsy shop.  Here is the link.


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