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We all know that our Hitty dolls need lots of stuff!

Some popular items for Hitty (aside from a closet full of clothes) include furniture, fake food and miniatures.

Polymer clay is used to make luscious-looking food needed for Hitty gatherings, doll houses and dioramas.

Yummy looking food: Julie Old Crow's Workshop

Hitty-Size furniture.  You will be wowed by the quality of the Little Doll Shop.

Tiny Quilts:

For sale on ebay....miniature food!

Miniature Food

Will add more links later but this should get you started!

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Road Trip to Plains Georgia

Gale Lyons Hittyby Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

On a recent road trip, I passed through Plains, Georgia, the hometown of President Jimmy Carter.  It happened to be about lunch time, so my adopted humans, David and Shirley, were ready to take a break from driving.

I am so glad they did, because we browsed in an antique shop and had some real Southern style cooking at a local cafe.  It was rural Americana at its best.  My favorite photo highlights are posted below.

Plains Georgia hometown of Jimmy Carter

Downtown Plains, Georgia

Jimmy Carter Campaign Headquarters

President Jimmy Carter's Campaign Headquarters

President Jimmy Carter and First Lady

This is not the real President and First Lady. I was told that if I stayed the night in the inn, I could hear President Carter teach Sunday School in the morning.  Unfortunately, David and Shirley could not stay.  Maybe another time.

Hitty Flora riding a bicycle with President Carter

Me riding along.

Hitty Flora in Georgia Bulldog country

It was Georgia Bull Dog Country!
Cotton fields in rural Georgia

Cotton fields in rural Georgia

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2009 Thanksgiving in Alabama

Gale Lyons Hittyby Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

Thanksgiving 2009 found us in Alabama for a family gathering and Thanksgiving dinner.  Wow!  What a spread.  We had turkey with gravy and cornbread stuffing (a Southern tradition) homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, Honeybaked Ham and desserts galore.

Good thing, I can't gain weight!  LOL

Here are some photos of my trip to Birmingham Alabama and surrounding areas.

Hitty Flora with Florida Oranges

We took seven bags of Florida oranges with us to give away.

Gale Lyons Hitty Fall arrangement

Me in front of the Thanksgiving floral arrangement.
I am wearing the pilgrim outfit my adopted mother, Shirley, made for me.

Galleria in Birmingham at Christmas

On Black Friday, we went shopping at the Galleria in Birmingham.  It was beautiful!

Black Friday Shopping cart

I saw this cart full of stuff and it was only 10:00 a.m.  Can you believe it?

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Fall in Indiana

Gale Lyons Hitty
By Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

Being a Florida Gal, I was a little hesitant when my adopted humans, David and Shirley, decided to go to Indiana during the fall.  I am not accustomed to cold weather.  We packed winter clothes and coats but, we really didn't need them because the days were sunny and not very cold.  Oh Yeah!

Here are some favorite photos from my trip to Indiana

Hitty flys Air Tran

We Flew Air Tran which has a non-stop flight from Ft Myers, FL to Indianapolis, IN

Fall Colors from the air over the city of Indianapolis

Fall Colors from the air over the City of Indianapolis, IN

Rodeo Cowboys roping suitcases at the Indianpolis airport

We saw some rodeo cowboys roping suitcases at the Indianapolis airport!

Gale Lyons Hitty Doll

Me wearing the winter clothes made for me by my birth mother, Gale Lyons.
We were shopping that day.

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Hannah Kahl-Hyland Hitty Dolls

Gale Lyons Hitty Doll

By Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

Hanna Kahl-Hyland is a doll artist who carves and paints some of the most beautiful Hitty dolls found today.  She is a Fellow of IGMA and one of a few of the Guild artisans who carves dolls in wood.

The International Guild of Miniature Artisans was birthed by a small group of artisans around a kitchen table and the first Guild Show was in April 1979.  To learn more about IGMA, visit their website

Hanna Kahl-Hyland has exhibited her work at the International Toy Fair in New York City and examples of her dolls are on permanent display in the Kentucky Gateway Museum in Maysville, KY.

Hanna is a miniaturist who will amaze you with her talent for creating Hitty dolls as well as 1:12 doll house scale dolls and miniature reproductions of oil paintings.  

Here is a screen shot of  a Hyland Hitty Doll and her cousin Heidi that recently sold on ebay.

Hannah Kahl Hyland Hitty Doll on ebay

Hannah Hyland Heidi Doll
According to the auction description, both dolls are hand carved of basswood  and stand 6 1/4" tall.  Their clothing is crafted from the finest materials.

Truly a work of art destined to become a family heirloom.

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Carve Your Own Hitty Doll

Let's Carve Hitty Together Class

Do you want to learn how to carve your own Hitty doll?  This is an excellent opportunity to do so at a reasonable cost.

Sign up now by contacting Gale at the email shown in the flyer.

Where to buy blanks for carving:

John's Blanks (for Hitty doll carvers)

Carve Your Own Hitty Doll Kit

Jean Lotz Hitty Dolls

by Hitty Raikes of Sunny State Hittys

Jean Lotz  is perhaps best known for her hand carved and hand painted Hitty Dolls.  She also creates original doll sculpts and was awarded  ODACA artist status in 1998.  Original Doll Artist Council of America is a prestigious international organization of doll artists and dollcrafters established in 1976.

Lotz dolls are highly sought after and are seen in museums and doll collections around the world.  Owners of Jean Lotz Hitty Dolls have nicknamed her Lotzalove.

Unfortunately, according to the description of a recent eBay auction, Jean has not been carving since she suffered injuries during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  We in the doll world, and the Hitty doll world in particular, have missed her and are very happy to hear that she is going to start carving again!

Here is a screen shot of a recent completed auction for a Jean Lotz Hitty Doll.

Recent ebay auction for Jean Lotz Hitty Doll

According to the auction description this Hitty is signed and dated on the doll's lower back "©Jean D. Lotz / Hitty 3-2005" and the blue Lotz Heart is signed "LOTZ / Hitty JDL 3/05 B" which means she was the second doll in the "Lotz Hitty Litter" created in March of 2005.  

What a beautiful Hitty!  Learn more about Jean Lotz Hitty Dolls

Items for sale on ebay

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Christmas in Florida 2009

Gale Lyons Hitty DollMy name is Hitty Flora.  I am a Florida "Cracker" which means I was carved (or born) in the state of  Florida.  Warm weather at Christmas time seems a natural state of affairs to me.  David and Shirley, my adopted humans, did not travel to Indiana this year so I could only dream of a White Christmas.

Here are some photo memories of my Christmas.

Hitty Flora sees Santa at the Shell Factory

I saw Santa Shopping at the Shell Factory in North Ft Myers.  I am going to write more about the Shell Factory soon.  It is a Must-See tourist destination.

Hitty Flora with her new bed

This is the new bed I got for Christmas.  David made the bed and Shirley made the bed linens.  I am a very lucky Hitty!

Hitty Flora meets Santas Elves at Sea World

On Christmas day, we went to Sea World Orlando and I met a couple of  Santa's Elves.  Aren't they cute?

Hitty Flora of  The Sunny State Hittys

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I Explore Dean Park

Hitty Raikes Sunny State Hittys

by Hitty Raikes
Sunny State Hittys

One beautiful sunny day, I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood of Dean Park, a designated historical district in the city of Ft Myers, Florida. 

This has been awhile ago.  In fact, it was during the hurricane season of 2004.  I had just moved to Florida and no one had told me about hurricanes!

I remember that summer and fall as being very scary and disruptive.  Four hurricanes in one season was just incredible really. 

Dean Park Ft Myers Florida

Me sitting on top of the Historical Marker in Dean Park

Dean Park Ft Myers Florida

Sand and Sandbags located in the center of Dean Park

Hurricane Charlie Ft Myers 2004

Water in the streets of Dean Park after Hurricane Charlie

Hurricane Charlie Ft Myers 2004

One of my neighbors took kids for a Kayak ride!

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