Fall in Indiana

Gale Lyons Hitty
By Hitty Flora Sunny State Hittys

Being a Florida Gal, I was a little hesitant when my adopted humans, David and Shirley, decided to go to Indiana during the fall.  I am not accustomed to cold weather.  We packed winter clothes and coats but, we really didn't need them because the days were sunny and not very cold.  Oh Yeah!

Here are some favorite photos from my trip to Indiana

Hitty flys Air Tran

We Flew Air Tran which has a non-stop flight from Ft Myers, FL to Indianapolis, IN

Fall Colors from the air over the city of Indianapolis

Fall Colors from the air over the City of Indianapolis, IN

Rodeo Cowboys roping suitcases at the Indianpolis airport

We saw some rodeo cowboys roping suitcases at the Indianapolis airport!

Gale Lyons Hitty Doll

Me wearing the winter clothes made for me by my birth mother, Gale Lyons.
We were shopping that day.

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