2009 Thanksgiving in Alabama

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Thanksgiving 2009 found us in Alabama for a family gathering and Thanksgiving dinner.  Wow!  What a spread.  We had turkey with gravy and cornbread stuffing (a Southern tradition) homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, Honeybaked Ham and desserts galore.

Good thing, I can't gain weight!  LOL

Here are some photos of my trip to Birmingham Alabama and surrounding areas.

Hitty Flora with Florida Oranges

We took seven bags of Florida oranges with us to give away.

Gale Lyons Hitty Fall arrangement

Me in front of the Thanksgiving floral arrangement.
I am wearing the pilgrim outfit my adopted mother, Shirley, made for me.

Galleria in Birmingham at Christmas

On Black Friday, we went shopping at the Galleria in Birmingham.  It was beautiful!

Black Friday Shopping cart

I saw this cart full of stuff and it was only 10:00 a.m.  Can you believe it?

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