Hitty Moves to a Condominium!

Moving is hard work!

My adopted humans, Shirley and David, recently sold their house and moved to a retirement community.  That's right....Shirley is officially retired.  Not sure what that means yet, it's an ever changing routine at this point.

Since, I live with them, my Hitty sisters and I moved too.

One of the biggest challenges, was deciding what to keep and what to discard since our new place was about half the square footage of our house and we would no longer have the garage.

Even though we downsized our living space, we love the view from our 5th floor condo.

Our view from the 5th Floor

Our pool

Family of ducks on the Golf Course
15 Minute Parking Doesn't Apply to Rabbits
Lots of wildlife here in our new neighborhood.  We had a nest of Osprey we watched with binoculars and we even have a resident alligator.

After a few trips to Ikea, the sewing room (AKA as dining room) was ready!

Work room

Here I am sorting through my closet.  I just threw everything on the bed so I could try on and decide what to keep or sell.

I am having a moving sale.  You can see it on Shirley's ebay page Click Here

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In Which I View the Tulip Trestle in Solsberry Indiana

On my recent road trip, I took a ride through Southern Indiana to see the Tulip Trestle located near the small community of Solsberry in Greene County.

Tulip Trestle Solsberry Indiana

At 157 feet high and almost a half mile long, the Viaduct is an amazing piece of local history that has been in continuous use since being built over 100 years ago in 1906.  An average of four freight trains a day pass over this trestle with spectacular pastoral views above Richland Creek.  The cost to build was about $250,000.  That would be over 20 million today.  Quite an undertaking!

Observation Deck

Stone Plaque honoring the Greene County Foundation and the Helms Family

The #1504 was the last Steam Locomotive to cross the trestle.  It is a Pacific Type 4-6-2A,  Model P-5-A.  It was built in 1919 and could travel speeds up to 70 miles per hour.  In its heyday, it hauled passenger trains in and out of Florida.  Today it has been restored and can be seen at the Prime Osborn Convention Center  in Jacksonville Florida.

The #1504 Steam Locomotive

The Long View

A view from below

Watch a train cross the Tulip Trestle

To learn more about the Tulip Trestle Click Here

How to find the Tulip Trestle Click Here

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